Confluence Park in Denver

Stairs Leading south Platte rivers edge. confluence park denver

Stairs Leading  down to rivers edge.

Confluence Park outlooks, a  scenic skyline of down town Denver.  The South Platte river runs through the center of Confluence Park.  Cyclist fly through the park  along the river for a scenic ride.  Two pedestrian bridges cross over the South Platte.  Quacking ducks float underneath the bridges down stream followed by paddling kayaks.  Confluence park sits at 15th & Little Raven street. Upscale apartments run along little raven  over looking the park.  Many of these upscale apartment homes can easily fetch upwards of $1,000,000.

Confluence Park a the Fork of South Platte and cherry creek

Confluence Park a the Fork of South Platte and cherry creek

Confluence Park is named so because,  The cherry creek forks off the South Platte.

REI Sports Recreation Store sits along the edge of the river of Confluence Park.  REI is huge,  one can wander around the store for hours.

REI facing Confluence park in denver, off the south platte

REI facing Confluence park in Denver, off the south Platte river

 While you are there stop by the REI rock pinnacle.  They have lessons at $100 per person;  that teach the basic of rock climbing.

REI Denver rock Pinnacle

REI Denver rock Pinnacle


I'm a Colorado Native, and I love to explore the great state of Colorado. There is always something fun and interesting to do. From hitting the slopes. Exploring the caves, hiking and fishing and seeing all the great wildlife. Rafting down the South Platte river. Denver is great for meeting people from all walks of life. So many culturally diverse frequent this city. Spotting famous and Influential people is not uncommon. Many come here to play a concert, shoot a film or sign there best seller. Denver is a great place to check out the art scene as well with dozens of art galleries. There are numerous events and attractions bringing tourist to Colorado throughout the year. Come follow me and my many discoveries by visiting my blog.

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