16th Street mall is an Entertaining place to shop.

The 16th Street Mall is a granite paved mile long promenade, nicknamed the Crown Jewel of Denver.

If you are starting at the beginning of the mall in historical LoDo (Lower Downtown) one of your first stops may be the Tattered Cover book store. The staff is very knowledgeable and there customer service sets them apart from many other book stores in Denver.  If your are lucky you will catch a glimpse of a famous author signing their latest book.

Historical LoDo is known for it’s Beautiful architecture.  In fact Denver is artistically rich,  even the granite paved mall looks like the back of a diamond back rattle snake.

There are hand painted  pianos  lining the 16th Street mall  open to the public.  It’s not uncommon for people to walk off the street and sit down and start playing a tune.

Two hand painted cows  graze on the mall, reminding visitors and locals of it’s history as a cow town.


When the clock tower strikes noon and the bell chimes the mall starts to become crowded,  as the corporate types descend from there sky scraping perches and scatter onto the  mall and intersecting streets below, looking for something good for lunch.

With so many award winning restaurants on and near the mall who can blame them.   Mici‘s is a great family owned and operated Italian place that serves amazing pizza pie for only $8.00  It’s just off the mall on 1531 Stout St.

Maybe your in the mood for something a little different,  how about Barbecue.  Boney’s BBQ has slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches that are to die for and only  $ 6.75 a pop,  located on 1543 Champa St.

Don’t forget about dessert, how about the world famous cheese cake factory (located in the tabor center).  So delicious you’re guaranteed to gain a couple pounds.  But no regrets,  because the mall is a mile long, and walking it is the perfect way to burn off those extra calories!

After you have walked awhile and perused the gift shops and the books stores and the many clothing stores,  how about a movie at the United Artist Theater in the Denver Pavilion (Located at 500 16th street mall).

“About Time” is playing.  It’s a  romantic comedy about a guy who  imagines  himself to appear in a place in time before he met his sweet heart to be,  so he can meet her again, and again, until he gets it right and they fall in love.

Many couples have met on the mall for the first time.  A few have fallen in love there, and  one couple even got married  there sometime in 2012.

When you get tired of all that walking,  just stand at any intersection on the 16th street mall,  and wait 5 minutes or so.  A free shuttle will appear.  It’s doors automatically open and you can hop aboard and ride it up the mall.  There’s no public vehicle traffic allowed on this private street.  There are the occasional emergency and maintenance vehicles,  but they don’t seem to slow down the constant flow of shuttles.

If you have  any questions or need directions wave down one of the many friendly and knowledgeable  ambassadors walking the mall.  Spotting them is easy they are the ones wearing bright florescent  jackets and shirts. They will be glad to help. They are there to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience in Denver.

16th street mall


I'm a Colorado Native, and I love to explore the great state of Colorado. There is always something fun and interesting to do. From hitting the slopes. Exploring the caves, hiking and fishing and seeing all the great wildlife. Rafting down the South Platte river. Denver is great for meeting people from all walks of life. So many culturally diverse frequent this city. Spotting famous and Influential people is not uncommon. Many come here to play a concert, shoot a film or sign there best seller. Denver is a great place to check out the art scene as well with dozens of art galleries. There are numerous events and attractions bringing tourist to Colorado throughout the year. Come follow me and my many discoveries by visiting my blog. WhiteLiger.net

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11 comments on “16th Street mall is an Entertaining place to shop.
  1. […] 16th Street mall is an Entertaining place to shop.. […]

  2. Victor Ho says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been to Denver for a couple of national meetings and it was on my last visit that I walked this mall. It was quite pleasant and we found some great places to eat. All the best to you.

  3. Jody and Ken says:

    You signed up for our blog (thank you), so I thought I’d stop by. You’re just starting out! You are aware you’ve just invited a monkey to live on your back, aren’t you? Good luck. I’ll be back. Ken

  4. TBM says:

    I used to live in Denver and this brought back some memories. I do miss Tattered Cover–what a great bookstore. Thanks for a stroll down memory lane.

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