German Christmas Market in Denver


There is a Small German market off the 16th street mall in Skyline park, known as Denver ChristKindle Market.

The market last between November 21st – December 25th.

The vendors are in little wooden houses, that were built days before the market event.

My first stop at the market was the hand-blown glass vendor.  I watched him make a glass icicle decoration in a few minutes, right before my eyes. I bought a green glass pickle decoration.

Why on earth did I buy a green glass pickle. Well because it’s linked to a German tradition.  You hide a pickle deep inside the tree and first child to find it, gets to open a extra gift.


My next stop was the vendor with the black forest wooden coo coo clocks. Most of the clocks are mechanical and the decorative parts are all hand carved and hand painted.


Then I made my way to the polish porcelain. The smaller simpler pieces are $10.00 ranging all the way up to a Santa Clause cookie jar, selling for $100.00. My favorite was the had painted porcelain cups.


There is great food there as well, like German chocolate, danish pastries, bratwurst and roasted almonds.


I'm a Colorado Native, and I love to explore the great state of Colorado. There is always something fun and interesting to do. From hitting the slopes. Exploring the caves, hiking and fishing and seeing all the great wildlife. Rafting down the South Platte river. Denver is great for meeting people from all walks of life. So many culturally diverse frequent this city. Spotting famous and Influential people is not uncommon. Many come here to play a concert, shoot a film or sign there best seller. Denver is a great place to check out the art scene as well with dozens of art galleries. There are numerous events and attractions bringing tourist to Colorado throughout the year. Come follow me and my many discoveries by visiting my blog.

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9 comments on “German Christmas Market in Denver
  1. sebstead says:

    Thats so cool. We have a German Christmas market in Birmingham city UK until Dec 27th! Pretty similar!

  2. Thanx for sharing your photos and related info on Denver and for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. suzannesmom says:

    I aim to refer to your blog and this post in the next couple days.

  4. I went to a German Christmas market at the Distillery District in Toronto last year. I hope they are having one this year. It was so much fun. Also, I hope someone is offering a glass pickle!

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